Harvest Technology plc appoints new HR Director

Mikaela Papagiorcopulo, new HR Director of Harvest Technologies plc

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 February, 2022 at 10:02 am by Andre Camilleri

Harvest Technology plc has appointed Mikaela Papagiorcopulo as Human Resources Director. Papagiorcopulo brings with her a strong academic and professional background with extensive experience within the Human Resources function.  

Having worked in the Technology and Automotive industries over the past 4 years, Mikaela, is highly knowledgeable on Employment Policy and Effective Performance management, skilled in developing initiatives that improve company profitability and growth and has a proven track record of successfully managing human resources efforts and leading teams to work towards Company goals and targets.

Papagiorcopulo started working in Human Resources at Harvest Technology back in 2018 as an HR Co-ordinator, following which she joined a local organisation in the automotive industry as an HR Manager. Obtaining multiple qualifications over the years, Mikaela’s focus is on Human Resources Management, Leadership & Employment Law. She is also currently pursuing a course in Occupational Psychology.

“Throughout my academic years as well as my professional career I have studied and worked hard to sustain, grow and improve Human Resources and its conditions within companies. I am very excited to be returning to Harvest and heading the organisation’s HR function,” said Mikaela Papagiorcopulo.

“We’re truly pleased to welcome back Mikaela to Harvest,” said CEO & CTO, Dr. Godwin Caruana, “she has a lot to give to our HR Department, in developing and enforcing Harvest’s HR goals, policies and strategies.”  

For more information visit: https://harvest.tech/

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