Heritage Malta celebrates Fort St Angelo

(source:; Heritage Malta media department)

Last Updated on Monday, 29 July, 2019 at 12:33 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Heritage Malta (HM) is holding a celebration on 7 August at Fort St Angelo in Birgu, according to a press release sent to Business Malta. Visitors will be able to join a trip down memory lane with Joseph German.

Mr German is a former Chief Petty Officer of Her Majesty’s Ship (HMS) St Angelo and one of the last individuals who left the shore establishment on 31 March 1979.

He will be back at the fort after more than 40 years, in order to honour his experience which involved carrying out guided tours to VIPs that included foreign prime ministers and presidents, a descendant of Grand Master de Valette and Fra Angelo De Mojana Di Cologna, Grand Master of the Order of St John, as the press release sent to BM says.

During the 19th century, the Fort St Angelo was run by the British Army and solidified as the main guardian of the Grand Harbour, with constant change in its artillery and it was taken over by the British Royal Navy in 1906 and used as a shore establishment. On 31 March 1979, it was the last place vacated by British Forces on Malta.

Furthermore, the tour will focus on the various structures and buildings within the Fort and their use by the Royal Navy until 1979. After that, the site curator will guide visitors around the current exhibition “Behind Closed Doors: Fort St Angelo & the Royal Navy 1906-1979”.

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