HR GIG 8: What is ‘Redefining Leadership’ all about?

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 August, 2023 at 9:39 am by Andre Camilleri

Are you a CEO facing relentless pressure from your board and shareholders to deliver exceptional results? The burning question is, how do you measure those results? Are they solely confined to numbers, or do they encompass the crucial realm of people-related metrics?

In today’s fast-paced business world, economic pressures often push CEOs and Business leaders to focus on figures, margins, and profits. Yet, amidst this financial element, one vital aspect often gets overlooked – the people driving the very success of these organisations. How can we truly achieve sustainable growth and success without putting people at the forefront of our strategies?

Think about it. Behind every profit and margin are dedicated individuals, the lifeblood of any thriving enterprise. It’s people who innovate, collaborate, and drive the numbers upward. They are the catalysts for transformative change, growth and success.

Despite this undeniable truth, we’ve noticed an alarming trend when it comes to CEO recruitment.  Related recruitment waves primarily seek candidates with backgrounds in Finance, ACCA qualifications, and Big-Four exposure. Naturally these are typically valid and great candidates and I personally know of many successful ones, but what about brilliant minds from diverse fields like Human Resources, Operations, or other domains?

Should they not be deemed equally eligible? Is our obsession with numbers overshadowing the broader potential that people-centric leadership can bring?

This and much more will be explored in the upcoming HR GIG 8, Redefining Leadership.  The event will explore the dynamic landscape of leadership from diverse perspectives, empowering the audience to challenge conventional norms and forge new paths.

Together we will discover innovative approaches, harness the power of vision, and unlock the keys to effective decision-making both from a Human Resources and Business dimensions.

Just as an outdated curriculum fails to equip students with the skills necessary for a successful career in the ever-evolving job market, CEOs who cling to traditional approaches in dealing with business metrics risk becoming irrelevant and leading their companies towards failure. Continuing to rely on conventional methods such as focusing solely on numbers and financial metrics is no longer sufficient. Instead, CEOs need to adapt their leadership styles by embracing innovation, fostering agility, and cultivating a people-centric culture. By doing so, they can effectively navigate the complex and rapidly changing business landscape, ensuring long-term success and contributing to the wider economy.

The scope of HR GIG 8 Redefining Leadership is to inspire and ignite the leadership potential within CEOs, decision makers, and HR professionals. Delegates will gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies to drive meaningful change in their organisations.

The event is taking place on 1st September 2023 at The Xara Lodge from 8:30 till 12.30.  From 12:30 onwards will be networking, entertainment and refreshments.  The event website can be accessed here

Key Partners for HR GIG 8 are The Malta Chamber, Shireburn, Indigo Suite, HSF Health Plan, Outdoor Living, StreetHR, Powerhouse.  Other sponsors are Bank of Valletta, Dakar Software, Costa Coffee, Franks, Corporate Gifts, NIUM Malta and The Xara Lodge.

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