Incubation Centre for traditional Maltese crafts opened at Ta’ Qali Village

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February, 2023 at 9:31 pm by Andre Camilleri

An Incubation Centre has been inaugurated at the Ta’ Qali Village of Crafts, providing space for several classrooms and workshops for school children to learn about traditional Maltese crafts and where local and foreign artisans can share their skills.

During the inauguration ceremony, Minister for the Economy, European Funds and the Arts Silvio Schembri, said that “with the inauguration of the Incubation Centre, we are one step closer to offering a complete experience at the Ta’ Qali Village of Crafts, not only for tourists but also for Maltese families who can spend a day exploring various traditional crafts. It was a pleasure to see students attending workshops in this building, which will serve to introduce our youngsters to traditional Maltese crafts.”

The Minister also made reference to the restoration of two huts, which had been damaged during the war, highlighting how they now stand as a reminder of the evolution that has taken place in this area.

The new branding for the Village of Crafts was also officially launched, including Ta’ Qali and Ta’ Dbiegi, Gozo. Chairperson of INDIS Malta Jean Pierre Attard, explained how this new vision will continue to bring life to the villages and showcase the energy and multidimensionality of the artisanal sector. “These villages have enormous potential, and INDIS is determined to ensure that the first phase of this village is completed by the end of this year,” said Attard.

The new branding was inspired by Maltese tradition and the designs of prehistoric Maltese temples. Additionally, the colours chosen represent the diversity of creativity in these villages.

CEO of the Malta Crafts Foundation Elton Micallef said that “through this building, the Foundation will work even more in the heart of this village and shoulder to shoulder with artisans more than ever before.” The Incubation Centre will serve as an important hub for the traditional Maltese crafts and ensure that they continue to thrive and evolve.

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