Israel, 40 US states added to Malta’s amber travel list

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 at 1:21 pm by Andre Camilleri

Israel and 40 US states have been added to Malta’s amber list, meaning that travellers arriving in Malta from there will not have to quarantine.

Travellers would still have to present a negative PCR swab test which is taken not more than 72 hours before arriving in the country or, in the case of Maltese travellers, a vaccine certificate.

It’s the first update to the travel list since last April, when the UK was added to the amber list as well.

The 40 US states on the amber list are: Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, Arizona, West Virginia, Colorado, North Dakota, Indiana, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, North  Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio,  South  Carolina,  New  Mexico, Florida, Virginia, Maine, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Delaware, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New  Jersey,  Minnesota,  Connecticut, Alaska,  New  Hampshire, Maryland,  New  York, Rhode   Island, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Vermont, California.

Other countries, such as Serbia and North Macedonia – which were the subject of a petition for inclusion in recent weeks – were not included in the latest update.

Travel from countries on Malta’s red list is not allowed unless the traveller has spent at least the previous 14 days in an amber list country or unless special permission from the superintendence of public health has been obtained.The country’s full travel list can be found here.

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