JCI Malta awards the ten most outstanding young people for 2020

Some of the TOYP Winners 2020

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JCI Malta has announced its Ten Outstanding Young People for 2020 during a Covid-19 safe gala dinner held on Monday evening. Almost every year, JCI Malta seeks to reward some of the  most hard working young people on the island; this with the hope that they serve as an inspiration to other young people to stand up and be active leaders of positive change.

The winners were chosen by an international panel of judges from different JCI countries.

JCI Malta Award Winners 2020

In his speech during the ceremony, 2020 National President Markus Behmann said: “It’s a true honour for us to be able to hold this event during one of the toughest challenges that JCI Malta has had to face so far. Congratulations to all nominees and winners, you are true examples of what this organisation stands for: to empower young leaders to create positive change.”

The full list of 2020 TOYP winners is as follows:

  • Academic Leadership/Accomplishment Award: Dr Andre Xuereb
  • Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishments: Jon Grima
  • Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights: Alexia Rossi
  • Cultural Achievement: Alexander Vella Gregory
  • Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership: Rafel Sammut
  • Medical Innovation: Dr. Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi
  • Moral and/or Environmental Leadership: Dr Melanie Zammit Burg
  • Journalistic Accomplishment: Paul Caruana Galizia
  • Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs: James Aaron Ellul
  • Scientific and/or Technological Development: Mary Grace Micallef

In 2020, JCI Malta also wanted to honour its hard working members, partners and projects with awards for their dedication towards helping the organisation stay alive. The winners of these awards were decided by JCI Malta members through a poll organised in the weeks prior to the awards ceremony.

Markus Behmann said: “We wouldn’t be here today, without the hard work of our members and their projects, partners and contributors. It is a true honour to be able to give back a little token of appreciation for all those who have outstandingly contributed to the success of this organisation throughout this year.”

The full list of JCI Malta Awards winners goes as follows:

  • Best Local Community Empowerment Program: Buy a Meal
  • Best Local Personal Skill Development Program: National Debating Competition
  • Best Inter-organisational Collaboration Project: Buy a Meal
  • Most Outstanding New Member: Mel McElhatton
  • Most Outstanding Member: Nicole Borg
  • Most Outstanding Local Organisation: JCI La Vallette
  • Most Outstanding Local President: Giselle Borg Olivier
  • Most Outstanding National Board Member: Nicole Borg
  • Senator Recognition Award: Jonathan J. Borg
  • Most Outstanding Partner: JPA

JCI Malta also gave an honourary award to Jonathan Chetcuti, founding partner of The Concept Stadium who tragically lost his battle with cancer earlier on this year. The Concept Stadium has been a true supporter of JCI Malta in the past years, and therefore it was a pleasure for the organisation to be able to honour Jonathan Chetcuti with this award. Collecting the award in his stead was his business partner Jonathan Dalli who greatly expressed his gratitude for this award and delivered a message from Chetcuti’s wife to the organisation. More about Jonathan Chetcuti: https://www.conceptstadium.com/about/team/jonathan-chetcuti/

Nicole Borg was given her JCI Senatorship

During the same event, JCI Malta also gave 2021 National President-elect, Nicole Borg, a JCI Senatorship. The JCI Senatorship is one of the highest honours that a JCI member can receive granting a lifetime membership within the organisation. It recognises those members who have done outstanding work that is fundamental to the perseverance of the organisation.

In her brief speech following being granted this honour, Nicole Borg said: “I’m truly lost for words. Thank you for granting me with this senatorship, and my promise to you now is that I will not take it for granted. For all members and potential members, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be more than delighted to help support you in your JCI journey, so you too can get the most out of the development opportunities that it offers.”

See the Senatorship surprise here: https://www.facebook.com/nicole.borg.75/videos/3743859379010287 

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