Lidl Malta donates €10,000 to five different NGOs for the festive season

Last Updated on Friday, 24 December, 2021 at 8:15 pm by Andre Camilleri

As part of its CSR endeavours the company made a substantial contribution to Caritas Malta, Id Dar Tal-Providenza, YMCA Malta, Hospice Malta and Puttinu Cares

Lidl Malta, the leading retail chain on the Maltese islands, has decided to donate its annual budget allocated to the festive, end of year dinner to charitable organizations instead. This means that the budget normally allocated to our traditional Christmas dinner will instead be defrayed altruistically. Through this initiative, the Company has transformed a moment of conviviality, which this year could not have taken place in light of the health emergency, into a solidarity gesture with a great social impact. In order to do so, the Company left it up to their team members to decide who to donate their ‘End of Year Dinner’ budget to.

In the end, four NGOs were identified, Caritas Malta, Id Dar Tal-Providenza, YMCA Malta, and Hospice Malta, who received between them a financial contribution of €8.000.

“This solidarity project is part of a broader Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. In fact, we firmly believe that corporations play a significant role in the community in which they operate. For this reason, this year again we want to offer a concrete contribution to the organizations and associations that every day are committed to the service of those in need, to provide them with a better future. By choosing the organizations to support, as a team, employees participated in the selection process which is in line with the value of active engagement that we have always promoted and that distinguishes our philosophy,” the Lidl Malta management said.

In addition, for Christmas Lidl Malta donates the sum of € 2.000 to the Puttinu Cares Foundation, the support group that offers a holistic approach of care for families with children suffering from cancer. The company, who has this cause at heart, has been supporting the Foundation for over nine years and decided to keep on investing in the project through this financial contribution.

Lidl Malta, with 8 stores on the Maltese islands, strives to be an active part of the society around it. With this in mind, the company, year after year, develops a broad year-long proposal to work hand-in-hand with various charities and non-profit organizations.

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