Liquigas delivers more than 8 million cylinders filled by Gasco Energy Ltd in past decade of operations

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 November, 2022 at 3:24 pm by Andre Camilleri

During the last ten years of operations, Gasco Energy Ltd, the operator of the leading LPG facility in Malta, has filled more than 8.5 million green cylinders owned and distributed by Liquigas.

Gasco Energy Ltd started operating its €25 million facility in Bengħajsa ten years ago. This facility includes a marine importation terminal and a storage capacity of 4,800 metric tons of LPG, guaranteeing security of supply of cylinders and bulk to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. The reliability of Gasco Energy’s capability revolves around the availability of two automatic cylinder filling plants capable of filling 2,000 cylinders per hour thus ensuring uninterrupted supply of cylinders even in the peak winter months. Each cylinder filling plant is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment to test each cylinder after filling to ensure their safe use by consumer, in full observance of the highest European and international standards.

In recent weeks, Gasco has recertified its primary storage tanks in line with international standards with an investment in excess of €600,000. These works were completed without any disruption to gas supply and will ensure the high-level safety of the tanks for the next decade of service.

Liquigas, today a household name of LPG gas cylinders, synonymous with the green gas cylinders, has in parallel to Gasco’s efforts invested in an efficient cylinder distribution network that meets with the demands of the modern consumer. These include Order on Line, direct delivery system and fixed points of sale with extended opening hours.

Gas cylinders are a safe and cost-effective solution to heating, which remain popular among Maltese families for use with stoves and ovens, water heaters as well as for industrial requirements. Moreover, the use of gas is considered, even by the European Commission, as the cleanest form of fossil fuel, earning the label of transitional fuel in the continent’s drive towards a carbon neutral economy.

Paul Agius Delicata, Chief Executive Officer, Gasco Energy Ltd said: “The unfortunate geo-political developments around our continent have re-affirmed the importance of a steady and secure source of energy supply. Gasco Energy’s investment over the past ten years puts households and businesses’ minds at rest that the country can fulfill their energy needs, in a safe and secure manner. In parallel, Liquigas’ upholding of the highest standards in the market ensures that consumers are able to access a safe and cost-effective solution to their energy needs”.

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