Malta airport earmarks €40m for SkyParks 2

Facade of the Malta International Airport in Luqa. (source: Wikimedia Commons/William Shewring)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 10:38 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Malta International Airport (MIA) earmarked approximately €40m on the development of SkyParks 2, the extension of its airport campus, according to a press statement published in January.

Malta International Airport issued a call for offers for the provision of architectural and engineering services for this building and prospective bidders expected submit an initial design concept for SkyParks 2 by 13 February.

“In line with the company’s strategy of investing further in its retail and property segment, the mixed-purpose building is planned to house office and commercial space, as well as introduce a business hotel in the proximity of the terminal,” the press statement says.

The planned 1,400 sqm four-star hotel could enable primarily business travellers to maximise their time in Malta, according to the airport. A separate invitation for tenders issued at a later stage will form part of the selection process of an operator for this hotel.

“SkyParks 2’s initial design concept is required to include conceptual elements geared at achieving energy efficiency and rendering the building eligible for BREEAM assessment and subsequent certification,” the press statement says.

Construction works would launch once MIA re-assesses the feasibility of this project following the ideation stage and finalises its ongoing multi-storey car park project, which could wind up by 2020.

The precursor of Malta International Airport’s next development – SkyParks Business Centre reached full occupancy shortly after its inauguration.

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