Malta airport upgrades flight info display system

Malta International Airport’s upgraded flight information display screens. (source: the official website of Malta International Airport)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 7 May, 2019 at 9:24 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Malta International Airport (MIA) upgraded its flight information display screens as part of its recent investments aiming to further improve the passenger experience through the terminal, according to a press statement the MIA has just published.

The new flight information display system is plugged into a state-of-the-art Airport Management System (AMS), maintained by global air transport IT provider SITA. Malta airport says the new system is more flexible to customise and allows the airport to better communicate important information to passengers, such as flight status and departure gate allocation.

“With a seven million traffic milestone on the horizon, it is perhaps more important than ever to harness innovation so as to have access to real-time data to plan ahead, make timely decisions, and improve our agility in allocating the resources available in a way that enhances the airport experience for our passengers and the ease with which our team can perform certain day-to-day tasks,” said Ian Maggi, Head of Innovation and Technology at MIA.

“We have worked closely with Malta International Airport to provide a solution that helps the airport manage every aspect of its operation while providing a great experience for its passengers. It is rewarding to see this project come to fruition and the positive impact it has on the airport experience,” said Sergio Colella, SITA President Europe.

The Airport Management System provides a centralised dashboard which integrates several important modules, through which, critical landside and airside operations, including resource management, scheduling, flight information, parking and billing, are managed in an automated and intelligent manner, contributing to higher levels of efficiency and minimising human error, according to the press statement.

MIA is rolling out the Airport Management System in phases and is seen to be implemented in full by airport’s busy summer period. Malta International Airport has already launched its summer schedule featuring several new routes.

In the coming months, Malta International Airport will also be launching a new Baggage Reconciliation System, which would provide a better management system to all airport partners in the handling of checked-in luggage, thereby boosting security and preventing loss of passengers’ belongings.

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