Malta Chamber of SMEs meets Opposition delegation to discuss the 2021 Budget proposals

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 September, 2020 at 2:08 pm by Andre Camilleri

“Budget 2021 must guarantee a financial package that will see businesses through the Covid period and beyond”

The Malta Chamber of SMEs met a delegation from the Opposition to discuss the proposals for the 2021 Budget.

Malta Chamber of SMEs President Paul Abela said that earlier this week the SME Chamber published its full set of 19 Budget proposals that mainly focus on the required urgent response mechanism to counter the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses.

Paul Abela mentioned that 2020 is nothing like what anyone expected and will be remembered as an exceptional year for all the wrong reasons.

Abela said that Budget 2021 must guarantee a financial package that will see businesses through the Covid period and help them rebuild their strength to be able to sustain the Maltese Economy independently again.

Paul Abela said that the Wage Supplement, which proved to save thousands of jobs across Malta and Gozo, was a proposals of the SME Chamber and implemented following our insistance.

Abela insisted that the SME Chamber’s Budget 2021 targets businesses and consumers alike, who depend on each other now, with the effects of Covid, more than ever. Mentioning mainly the Reduction of Income tax on Business Trading Income, Covid Wage Supplement to Extended till March 2021 to give businesses pradicability, Re-launching the Voucher Scheme and Redistribution of another round of Eur100 vouchers and Extending MicroInvest benefits amongst other important proposals.

The delegation from the Opposition, composed of Hon. Mario De Marco, Hon. Claudio Schembri, Hon. Hermann Schiavone and Hon. Kristy Debono stated that the role of Malta Chamber of SMEs throughout Covid-19 was very important and  influential.

The delegation acknowledged the work behind the SME Chamber Budget proposals and said that the Opposition will take on board the SME Chamber budget proposals which will eventually be included in the Opposition Pre-Budget Document.

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