Malta will recognise UK green passports as of 1 July

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 June, 2021 at 9:14 am by Andre Camilleri

Malta will recognise UK Covid vaccine certificates from the 1st of July, a health ministry spokesperson told The Malta Independent.

The UK government announced Thursday that British citizens returning from Malta, and people visiting the UK from Malta, do not need to quarantine upon arrival in Britain. The news was welcomed by the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, which has been lobbying the Maltese government to open up tourism from the UK – one of the country’s main tourism markets.

The Maltese government had, in reaction, issued a statement on Thursday saying that anyone coming from the UK needs to present a vaccination certificate that is recognised by the Superintendence for Public Health or would need to quarantine once arriving in Malta.

Currently, Malta only recognises Maltese certificates and so concerns were raised that nothing would effectively change.

Late on Friday however, the health ministry said: “Currently Malta recognises the local green passport, as of 1st July Malta will also recognise the EU Digital Covid Certificate and UK green passports.”

This means that people travelling from the UK to Malta will not need to quarantine as of 1 July if they have either a Maltese vaccine certificate or a UK green passport.

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