Malta’s ANCHOVY. & Tarjama announce partnership for localised brand experience in MENA region

Last Updated on Tuesday, 5 October, 2021 at 11:25 am by Andre Camilleri

The teams of Tarjama and ANCHOVY are excited to announce the official launch of their joint venture in Dubai, UAE. The partnership is a strategic collaboration with an aim to deliver a localized, end-to-end brand and content experience to clients across the MENA region.

The strategic alliance of the two companies will boost their service offerings, giving clients a whole new level of digital experience. With ANCHOVY’s digital advertising and marketing solutions combined with Tarjama’s full range of advanced language solutions, clients will be able to access a high-standard, 360-degree digital experience through only one stakeholder.

“We at ANCHOVY have the technology and creativity; Tarjama has the limitless talent for content and localization,” said Benji Borg, Co-Founder of ANCHOVY.

“We’re very proud and thrilled about the collaboration with the ANCHOVY team. Tarjama and ANCHOVY can now offer a truly comprehensive digital-content solution that’s localized and relevant to our region and language,” said Nour Hussein, Chief Growth Officer, Tarjama.

The joint venture will allow companies to access a holistic range of content solutions including digital brand experience, digital content production, translation, localization and transcreation from and to 450 language pairs, as well as advertising and digital marketing services.

ANCHOVY, headquartered in Malta, will now be able to increase its scale in the Arabic-speaking market by providing top-notch digital advertising solutions and access to clients in MENA.

“We’re excited to be entering into such an innovative partnership with Tarjama, allowing us to power our Digital Activations through localized content. Together, we’ll help drive the future of our customer’s omnichannel customer experience across the GCC,” said Zak Borg, Co-Founder, ANCHOVY.

The collaboration aims to provide a premium-quality marketing solution that brings customers perfect content that is culturally compatible with their target audience, localized appropriately to the region, and can create personalized emotion. As the services offered by ANCHOVY join forces with the content production and localization services provided with the support of artificial intelligence by hundreds of linguists within Tarjama, users can access seamless experiences in every project.

“This significant partnership provides an essential, unique added value for both us and ANCHOVY. We’re excited to see the new opportunities and outcomes it will create as we both work towards increased global growth.”  said Nour al Hassan CEO & Founder, Tarjama.

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