Maltese company successfully commercialises aquaculture technology on an international basis

Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 February, 2021 at 1:50 pm by Andre Camilleri

A Maltese company has developed its proprietary aquaculture technology which is now exported all over the world.  These research activities span from the development of next-generation aquaculture systems (aquaculture 4.0) and marine biotechnology applications to the multi-use of marine space and climate change impacts. 

Minister for Research, Innovation and Co-ordination of post-Covid-19 Strategy Owen Bonnici paid a visit to this company and said that AquaBioTech Gorup is a clear example of how research and innovation are key in the development of important economic activities and the improvement of practices and uses on an international level. He said that the Government is intent on building a robust ecosystem of innovation so that more companies are able to sucessfully commercialise their own research in the various economic sectors.

Minister Bonnici explained that AquaBioTech Group, which employs 85 people, has been awarded €2.45 million in research funds from the EU and has been given various local and international awards.  During the visit, Minister Bonnici was shown around by the Chief Executive Officer of the company Shane A. Hunter and the Business Development Director George D. Mantas.

AquaBioTech Group, which was established in 1996, provides world-class services and technology to the aquaculture sector, including  a variety of consulting and engineering aquaculture, fisheries, and aquatic environmental projects throughout the world, such as the design, construction, and operation of state-of-the-art aquaculture facilities. In its research and innovation centre at its premises in Mosta, the company carries out contract research activities for leading aquaculture companies globally in laboratories.

Furthermore, the company is engaged in various collaborative research and development projects financed by European and the Maltese research frameworks. Through these projects, the company has active collaborations with over 200 research organisations internationally.

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