MITA’s vision for 2023 launched – towards Malta as a pioneer in digital innovation

Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri visits MITA to launch 2021 - 2025 strategy

Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 February, 2021 at 1:26 pm by Andre Camilleri

“With a leadership mentality in the digital economy, we are aiming to further strengthening our position as a Malta that enjoys a reputation of a digital island, built on innovation, good governance, and effectiveness”, Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri said during the launch of MITA’s vision till 2023, built on Malta as a pioneer in digital innovation. The minister also spoke about Malta’s mission to maintain an excellent digital infrastructure.

The announced vision is based on seven pillars that formulate the strategic areas of MITA, to convey the message that the Maltese Government is ready for the next challenge, that of strengthening its competitive position to attract more foreign investment to the country. The minister said that the digital economy brings more work both directly and in other indirect services from which a wider range of people benefit. He reiterated that the focus on the digital economy is leading to more career creation in the ICT sector.

Minister Schembri explained that in the next three years the government is once again putting itself in a leading position, creating a platform for the trends that are developing around us. In this regard, the document lists the importance of Malta to remain at the forefront of addressing emerging technology. He said that part of MITA’s vision is to continue investing in its human resource talents, which currently reaches the 340 workers. Meanwhile, the approach used by MITA is to remain focused on addressing customer needs in the most efficient way.

Minister Schembri also spoke about the importance that MITA will continue to give to cybersecurity, for the protection of the country’s information systems, so as not to end up as a victim of malicious attacks. Cybersecurity is being seen as the main foundation for Malta’s competitiveness in the digital world, placing it as a secure online jurisdiction.

Minister Schembri mentioned MITA’s strong contribution during the pandemic as it continued to safeguard the entire ICT infrastructure of the government. He noted that MITA has particularly helped the healthcare sector to make swab centres possible, and to operate telemedicine and contact tracing systems among others. He said that the agency was critical in providing all the tools to more than 30,000 public sector employees. Thanks to MITA’s advanced systems, the government has been able to leap forward in terms of flexible working conditions without delay, whilst ensuring that the customer continues to be served.

Minister Schembri thanked the entire MITA team led by CEO Tony Sultana for their work. CEO Tony Sultana said MITA will continue to provide direction in the field of technology and will be more innovative in the use and application of technology. He noted that it will continue to see that the government has the best possible digital architecture that will be able to meet the needs of today and the future.

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