MCAST annual report 2022 – inspiring excellence, empowering futures


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The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) announced the publication of its Annual Report 2022, shedding light on a year of growth, programme excellence and a commitment to community engagement, inclusivity and social responsibility.

The Annual Report offers a comprehensive insight into MCAST’s governance structure, showcasing the institution’s dedication to transparency and adherence to compliance standards. Providing a comprehensive snapshot of MCAST’s stature, the report presents a myriad of figures that depict MCAST’s expansion and significance within Malta’s education sector.

The report includes highlights accomplishments that occurred during 2022. From unveiling the cutting-edge MCAST Resource Centre to hosting the esteemed EAIR Forum 2022, the Report showcases the successes across institutes and departments within MCAST. It captures noteworthy events such as the triumphant launch of a stratospheric balloon by MCAST students and their victorious performance in an international robotics competition.

MCAST’s deep commitment to inclusivity and diversity shines through with initiatives tailored to support students from various backgrounds and unique needs. Sustainability takes centre stage, evident in the College’s adoption of energy-efficient construction practices, promoting sustainable transportation methods and integrating sustainable principles.

The Annual Report provides a window into MCAST’s dynamic research landscape, spotlighting externally funded projects, academic engagements and research themes. The College’s unwavering dedication to pioneering research to address pressing societal challenges is palpable, underscoring its commitment to driving innovation.

The Annual Report unveils statistics that underscore MCAST’s growth and impact. The statistics emphasise gender diversity and the fostering a multicultural environment.

MCAST’s international collaborations, partnerships, and work-based learning initiatives take centre stage, exemplifying the College’s dedication to promoting global awareness and offering practical education that aligns seamlessly with industry needs. The Report underscores MCAST’s holistic approach to learning and employability, spotlighting community engagement, pastoral care, collaborations with correctional services and programmes to facilitate smooth student transitions.

The MCAST Annual Report 2022 encapsulates an inspiring journey of progress, inclusivity, and sustainability. MCAST’s steadfast commitment to nurturing talent, embracing diversity, and driving innovation underscores its pivotal role in Malta’s educational landscape. As MCAST strides ahead, it continues to shape a brighter future for its students, staff and the entire nation.

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