MeDirect Bank Malta receives the NCPE Equality Mark Certification

NCPE’s Ms. Renee Laiviera and Mr. Andre Callus hand the Equality Certificate to Francesca Farrugia, Senior Manager – HR at MeDirect Bank Malta.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 March, 2021 at 8:47 am by Andre Camilleri

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has awarded MeDirect Bank Malta the Equality Mark Certification, reinforcing the bank’s commitment towards equality at work and in the way the bank deals with its clients and stakeholders.

The Equality Mark is awarded by the NCPE with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF), by identifying and awarding organisations that have demonstrated to be true equal opportunities employers.

“NCPE grants the Equality Mark Certification, which is valid for two years, to those organisations that demonstrate a commitment towards best practices which go over and above the minimum required by law – in the area of gender equality in employment and in the provision of goods and services. On behalf of the NCPE, I congratulate MeDirect for being granted this certification,” said Ms Renee Laiviera, NCPE’s Commissioner and Acting Executive Director.

Lorraine Bonello Ghio, Group Head of Administration and Human Resources of MeDirect said: “We are truly honoured to have been awarded the Equality Mark Certification from the NCPE in recognition of our efforts to place equality as one of our core values. This certification is testament to the management’s approach which recognises and promotes the potential of all our employees, irrespective of their gender, nationality, beliefs and caring responsibilities. As a bank, we endeavour to become an employer of choice, and the basis of this is to treat all employees equally.”

Over the past years, MeDirect Bank Malta has embarked on various initiatives aimed at promoting equality. Over the years, the bank has always adhered to equality principles in all its processes and policies, especially when related to recruitment and career development opportunities.

MeDirect Bank Malta currently employs 222 people, out of which 126 (or 57 per cent) are female. In February 2020, Marcia De Wachter was appointed as non-executive director for the MeDirect Group. In September 2020, Marcia De Wachter was eventually appointed as Chairperson of MeDirect Belgium. Franca Vossen, who was also appointed as non-executive director in July 2020, further strengthening the female presence within the bank’s decision making structures.

The bank’s diversity is also manifested in the nationalities of its employees, with employees hailing from over 20 countries.

As part of a growing pan-European banking group, MeDirect Bank Malta is one of the largest banks in Malta focussing on servicing the needs of its clients through the provision of advanced digital banking solutions. Given that MeDirect in Malta is one of the three systemically important banks on the island, it is supervised by the European Central Bank. MeDirect Bank Malta operates a highly efficient IT and Operations centre for the whole Group. For more information on MeDirect, visit

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