Melita launches educational campaign against cybercrime

Melita cybercrime
Melita’s cybercrime educational campaign is focussing on malware, phishing, trojans and cryptojacking

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 at 11:29 am by Andre Camilleri

Melita Limited has launched an educational campaign to inform customers on how to stay safe while using their communications devices to access the internet. The campaign is focussing on four main topics: malware, phishing, trojans and cryptojacking.

Over several weeks, Melita is sending emails to all of its customers detailing what each of the crimes entails, tips on how to identify the different types of cybercrime, and actions to be taken should a customer fall victim. All the information is also on Melita’s blog at

Simon Montanaro, Chief Technology Officer at Melita Limited, said, “Cyber security is one area where Melita’s efforts and investments have substantially increased in recent years. Our focus on security and data protection has continued to sharpen, particularly during the pandemic, where criminals operating globally have taken advantage of the situation.  While at Melita we continually improve the protection of our services using the latest technologies, I would also recommend that customers keep up to date on tactics used by cyber-criminals and the importance of online safety. Since it only takes a “click” to permit access to your device, whatever the protection in place, awareness and vigilance of both operator and customer remains a necessary part of our online makeup”

Melita customers who have any queries or concerns regarding online safety or cybercrime can contact Melita through the live chat facility available at Anyone who believes they are a victim of cybercrime can also contact the Cybercrime Unit within the Malta Police Force.

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