Melita Limited marks World Charity Day

Miriam Grech (second from right) from St Jeanne Antide Foundation together with (from left) Charlene Ciantar, Amanda Holmes and Graziella Busuttil from Melita during a food delivery.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 September, 2022 at 2:56 pm by Andre Camilleri

Melita Limited marked World Charity Day, which took place on 5 September, with a series of donations to organisations including Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, St Jeanne Antide Foundation, Puttinu Cares, ALS Malta, Hospice Malta, The Richmond Foundation and Inspire Malta. The support included both financial donations as well food donations worth thousands of euro.

Charlene Ciantar, Communications Manager at Melita Limited, said, “Melita continues to support the work of countless NGOs that do so much to help those in our communities who are vulnerable. Through direct action like this latest set of donations given to mark World Charity Day and through administrative support for The Melita Foundation, we continue to play our part in making sure that adequate support is available for all those who need it.”

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