Melita opens new data centre, launches IoT services

Maltese telco Melita Ltd has opened a new data centre facility to provide clients with secondary or disaster recovery capabilities and launched Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services across Europe, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta. Melita tags the two investments as “key” in further growing the B2B segment with a focus on international clients.

The recently-launched platform provides Pan-European IoT services internationally and locally. Using international networks to deliver its IoT services beyond Malta, the platform enables local clients to access Melita’s nationwide narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network.

NB-IoT offers several benefits to businesses which need to connect equipment across their operations: extremely low power consumption, the range of the signal and its ability to reach far below ground or sea level, Melita says.

“Melita has invested heavily in infrastructure; we now have one of the most powerful networks in Europe, making Malta the only country with nationwide NB-IoT, gigabit internet and 4.5G mobile networks,” said Melita CEO Harald Rösch.

“This investment is having a positive impact on Malta’s economy as evidenced by the recent EY Attractiveness Survey where 72% of respondents said the telecommunications infrastructure was the main pull factor in persuading them to invest here. This result is something we’re proud to have contributed to, just as we are proud to be able to use our technology and expertise in areas such as IoT, in order to turn a Maltese business into an international provider of telecom services,” the CEO added.

“As a government, we believe that the absolute drive for innovation and the embrace of new concepts is the way forward for the private sector at this exciting time in our history,” said Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, during a visit to Melita’s technical facility in Madliena; the hub for all Melita services.

“Telecommunications; in this case, telecommunications service providers as partners in our bid to remain one step ahead of the digital revolution. I commend Melita for its laudable endeavour as part of their efforts to put the client at the heart of their operations,” the junior minister added.

Melita’s Madliena Primary Data Centre is built to Tier III specifications and the only purpose-built facility in Malta, according to the service provider.

“The strategically-chosen site is a solitary building situated on high-ground. It is detached from the main traffic arteries, does not pose flooding risks and does not sit under any aircraft flight paths, thus meeting and exceeding the stringent levels of security required,” Melita says about the facility.

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