MEP Alex Agius Saliba chosen to form part of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee

Alex Agius Saliba

Last Updated on Tuesday, 5 April, 2022 at 7:02 pm by Andre Camilleri

During the Plenary session in Strasbourg, Labour MEP and S&D Vice-President, Alex Agius Saliba was given an additional Committee and will form part of the committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

S&D Vice-President, Alex Agius Saliba is in charge of innovation, AI, and strong digital Europe for all, within the S&D Bureau.  

The MEP also forms part of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and the Employment and Social Affairs Committee and he is a Vice-Chair of the Committee on Petitions.

The Industry, Research and Energy Committee is tasked with key legislative powers on some of the most important policy areas of the European Union, since it is responsible for industrial policy, EU research and innovation policy, space policy, energy policy and the application of new technologies.

“The Committee has a direct impact on citizens’ lives and on business. With the current uncertainties and challenges, after the COVID pandemic and with the current war in Ukraine, we must use these powers to bring a genuine, much more ambitious industrial policy strategy focused on protecting strategic economic sectors that are essential for upholding our way of life and protecting our citizens.” said MEP Agius Saliba.

Agius Saliba further commented: “More than ever with the current war on energy, we need to ensure the transition of our energy systems and we need to eliminate our dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal by diversifying our energy supplies, whilst also ensuring that no one is left behind and we have sufficient gas storage across the EU.”

The ITRE Committee is also setting up a Contact Group to discuss the developments, policy initiatives, repercussions and foresight in relation to the war in Ukraine within the policy areas covered by ITRE, such as energy, research, industry, space and cybersecurity.

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