MEP Cutajar appointed as negotiator in relation to Short-Term Rentals

Last Updated on Friday, 17 February, 2023 at 12:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

MEP Josianne Cutajar has been appointed as the Rapporteur of the Socialists and Democrats in the Transport and Tourism Committee in relation to a new proposal for a Regulation on Short-Term Rentals.

The proposed rules will improve transparency, collection and sharing of data from hosts and online platforms to the benefit of everyone. Consumers will continue benefiting from a wide range of accommodation options, legitimate and traditional accommodation providers can compete on a fair level playing field, whilst public authorities will have a strengthened legal backing to access beneficial data.  Indeed, such data will help local authorities devise policies and laws leading to a more sustainable tourism ecosystem, whilst tackling the challenges brought about by the online short-term rental market, better responding to the travellers’ and the locals’ concerns.

Commenting on her appointment, Dr Josianne Cutajar stated that the upcoming law is an important one given that the short-term accommodation listings and rentals have been increasing exponentially over recent years, not only in Europe, but also in Malta and Gozo. Whilst this alternative means of accommodation has brought several benefits to hosts and tourists, this model has also raised certain challenges, such as unsafe and illegal listings, more demand for real estate development, impacting housing prices and the environment, as well as safety and security issues.

 “It is my privilege to be working towards ensuring a better level playing field for both traditional and newer accommodation providers, whilst helping to ensure that the quality of our touristic product is maintained. More data is the key to better addressing the negative aspects, while balancing the benefits brought about by shorter term rentals – for hosts, platforms, legitimate businesses, public authorities, tourists, consumers and the local communities alike”, concluded MEP Cutajar.

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