Minister Dalli announces a €2 million investment by a local company

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 January, 2022 at 2:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

A local laundry company is investing € 2 million through an expansion of around 1,120m² in their current premises in Mrieħel, as well as launching a spin off company offering an automated  24/7 laundry service.

Through this investment, assisted by Malta Enterprise, the company would be reaching out to international markets.

This was announced by Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli during a visit to the company, led by Executive Chairperson Ian Attard Portughes and Chief Executive Mario Duca, in the presence of Malta Enterprise management.

The company started operating back in 1915, with a long history of success which is highlighted by the company’s ability in seizing new opportunities to venture from one expansion to another. With this investment the company not only continues to secure employment for its employees, but also strengthening its place in the Maltese economy.

The investment includes an expansion of the current facilities in Mrieħel which allows the company to be able to meet its demands, as well as launching a spin off company: Laundry Concepts.

“Portughes is another example of the resilience and determination of the Maltese, in a time of pandemic they saw to invest in both infrastructure and their staff. The investment has led the company to diversify and create a new and unique project in Malta, using our ecosystem as their test base, which would enable the company to reach out to international markets,” said Minister Miriam Dalli.

Laundry Concepts Ltd’s new concept is the first service of its kind in Malta. A customer can deposit their clothes for the dry cleaning service, automatically and in the same way re-collect what they have deposited thanks to a mobile app. This diversification has led to this company using Malta as a test base to export this concept. To offer this service, Portughes Laundry and Dry Cleaning designed the solution, combining the technological concept with the required machinery as per their design.

In comments, Ian Attard Portughes said: “The pandemic has brought with it many challenges, but with the help we have received from Malta Enterprise we have continued with our operations so that we have been able to make this expansionary as well as diversifying a new niche that we must finally start exporting.”

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