Minister for the Economy and Industry launches €1.5 million investment by Magro Brothers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 April, 2021 at 9:29 am by Andre Camilleri

Together with Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri, growth in production of traditional food for local consumption, export in four continents and creation of new employment in Gozo announced

Minister for Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri announced a €1.5 million investment by Magro Brothers. This will lead to an increase in production for local consumption, exportation in four continents, and the creation of new jobs in Gozitan manufacturing. This was announced during a press conference held at the company’s facilities, The Magro Food Village in Xewkija, in the presence of the Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri.

Minister Schembri spoke of how at present the company has managed to specialise in the UK and Irish markets, closing the year 2020 with 40% of export production going to 20 countries in four continents: Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. “The local entrepreneur and product have unlimited potential and horizons and can venture beyond. Narratives, the likes of which we are witnessing today, are true evidence of the resilience of our island’s economy and industry, even during a global pandemic”, stated Minister Silvio Schembri. He noted the company’s ability to adapt itself to safeguard all its employees’ jobs. Through innovative thinking and the use of digital technology it has created new food products for both local and international markets, as well as websites which facilitate online sales. He emphasised that the government’s support for employment protection is also evident in this company, as Magro Brothers benefited from the COVID-19 Wage Supplement scheme and Covid-19 MDB Loan Assist scheme.

Minister Schembri referred to the work in the trade sector, where through the Trade Malta Agency, businesses are being assisted through various financial aid schemes to strengthen technical specialisation, to offer a top-level product and build international business contacts. He mentioned that prior to the pandemic, every year Trade Malta conducted several trade visits in different countries, some of which even Magro Brothers had participated in. This year, Trade Malta used the technology and organised a number of virtual trade meetings between Malta and Namibia as well as with Rwanda in the coming weeks. He added that through numerous schemes, Trade Malta also assists companies to exhibit at international fairs. Even in this instance, Magro Brothers has benefited from these schemes. Minister Schembri explained that through an investment of €1 million co-financed by EU funds, an online platform was launched assisting companies in researching international markets and mentioned that more than 200 companies have already benefited.

Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri said that during the past two years Magro Brothers has invested €1.5 million in Gozo – an investment aiming, among other things, to protect the environment, improve access for customers and further introduce technological use. He stated how this investment has and will continue to create more jobs within the Magro Brothers company and therefore more jobs in Gozo, for Gozitans. In fact, Minister Camilleri explained that, “Investments like these have helped to strengthen the employment sector in Gozo, even during the pandemic, as 90 percent of Gozitans who lost their jobs during the pandemic started working again”.

Minister Clint Camilleri noted the willingness to strengthen the presence of technology in manufacturing and production. He encouraged more work towards the merging of the modern technological sector with the traditional, which together will lead to the revolution that Malta and Gozo must make in the coming years.

The Chief Executive of Magro Brothers Christian Magro said that in a hundred years of entrepreneurial history, their business has been recognised internationally for the quality and consistency of their food products. He said that over a two-year period, €1.5 million were invested in new technological machinery, advanced software, new lines in the growth of local tomatoes, development and research projects in the field of dairy products, increased exports to new markets, launch of two new websites for online sales and training of workers. Mr Magro concluded by saying that today the company employs more than 150 direct employees and generates additional jobs for another 180 individuals. He said that this investment will lead to the creation of more new jobs in the manufacturing sector in Gozo.

The Chief Executive Officer of Trade Malta Anton Buttigieg said that the manufacturing sector is crucial for the Maltese economy as it generates many direct as well as indirect jobs. He mentioned how Magro Brothers has benefited from many incentives which Trade Malta offers to Maltese and Gozitan enterprises to internationalise their operations.

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