New campaign for APS Funds SICAV plc

Last Updated on Monday, 15 November, 2021 at 9:21 am by Andre Camilleri

‘Make the right moves and reap the benefits: invest in APS Funds’ is the latest campaign for APS Funds SICAV plc, which comprises four distinct sub-funds each with its respective investment portfolio.

The Income Fund primarily invests in equities and bonds listed in Malta. The Diversified Bond Fund mainly focuses on international debt securities issued by sovereigns and corporations. The Regular Income Ethical Fund targets sustainable investments and avoids activities that are harmful to society, while the Global Equity Fund focuses on global equity securities, mainly those listed on recognised exchanges. All four APS Funds have a successful track record, with both the Diversified Bond Fund and Regular Income Ethical Fund having been awarded high Morningstar Ratings, indicating that they are amongst the market’s top performers in terms of risk-adjusted return when compared to similar funds.

APS Funds SICAV plc is managed by ReAPS Asset Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of APS Bank plc. To learn more about APS Funds, please visit or contact us on 21226644 to book an appointment with one of our Investment Services Advisors.

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