New Ta’ Qali National Park gets the green light

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 March, 2021 at 1:08 pm by Andre Camilleri

Plans for a new national park at Ta’ Qali have been given the green light to go ahead by the Planning Authority, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg announced on Thursday.

Sharing new visuals of how the project will eventually look, Borg thanked the team behind it for their work and said that he is committed to seeing this project to come to fruition.

The park is being built on a site which once held a concrete factory.  The factory, which lay abandoned for a number of years, was levelled two years ago after a Planning Authority enforcement notice.

The €20 million upgrade will see the area nearly doubling its open space from 270,000sq.m. to 450,000sq.m.

The Malta National Park will be maintained by Ambjent Malta, whose personnel will be patrolling the park using electric cars.

A footpath leading to Chadwick Lakes will be built as part of the park’s nature trail, while the existing dog parks in the area will be made larger.

A new campsite will also be built, as will cycling and jogging trails.

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