Next MSF event announced: Accelerate for Water Security

Last Updated on Wednesday, 1 June, 2022 at 9:38 am by Andre Camilleri

On 23 June, the Malta Sustainability Forum (MSF), organised by APS Bank plc, will hold its second event of the year. During the session ‘Accelerate for Water Security’, speakers will delve into the actions being taken to safeguard water, a precious resource for all living beings. It will look into what is being done to conserve water at a European level as well as locally, from a national, business and personal level. Speakers and panellists will investigate the problem, as well as share some solutions which need to be accelerated to make this resource available for future generations.

Liana DeBattista, Chief Strategy Officer at APS Bank, commented, “Following the success of ‘Level Up for Carbon Neutrality’ held last April, in this event we will focus on raising awareness about the scarcity of water in Malta and Europe from various standpoints. We hope that our followers will find this event interesting and educative and that they will feel inspired to take action in their daily lives to conserve water.”

MSF was launched in 2019, with the objective of raising awareness on the topic of sustainability, with the aim of empowering citizens to make conscious decisions towards a more sustainable life. Sustainability lies at the heart of APS Bank’s values, underpins the Bank’s business strategy and is a core pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

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