Optimistic forecasts subject to removal of restrictions calls

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 April, 2022 at 3:10 pm by Andre Camilleri

MHRA President Tony Zahra states that challenges for the tourism sector are not yet over however the fact that tourism is a resilient economic sector allows for optimistic forecasts. This is encouraging and can be seen from the outcome of the survey but it is critical not to take such forecasts as guaranteed results. For instance it is critical that we remain competitive as a destination in the region and therefore it is critical that the remaining Covid restrictions are removed immediately. Mr Zahra also recognized the efforts made by both Government and MHRA members to keep the industry afloat during a very difficult period, and emphasized that such synergy needs to remain to overcome the highly challenging months ahead for a sustainable recovery.

Last year the Ministry of Tourism, MTA in collaboration with MHRA and other stakeholders launched the STAR JOURNEY initiative with the aim to set Malta and Gozo as an In-Partnership with Forbes Travel Guide Destination – a project which spearheads various initiatives focusing on service excellence and safety.  In this context, Minister of a Tourism Clayton Bartolo announced that over 50% of the hotels across Malta and Gozo have over the past 5 months been recognised as Sharecare Verified by Forbes Travel Guide properties.  This means that now destination Malta will be recognized by Forbes Travel Guide as being fully committed to the health and safety of guests and employees and accordingly will allow the Malta Tourism Authority to use the digital Health Security VERIFIED logo – a first in the world.

This is in line with the objective, that of further removing the Covid-19 related restrictions, whilst continuing to ensure safety for both our guests and employees through industry self regulation management practices as independently recognised by world renowned brand Forbes Travel Guide.

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