Outbound tourism declines by 21% in first quarter – NSO

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 at 11:22 am by Andre Camilleri

Total outbound tourists for the first quarter in 2020 were estimated at 115,573, a decrease of 21.3 per cent over the corresponding quarter of 2019, the NSO said today.

The decline was as a result of the closure of the airport and ports in March in a bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

During the quarter under review, a total of 66,416 outbound tourist trips were undertaken for holiday purposes, while a further 27,761 were made for visiting friends and relatives. Italy and the United Kingdom remained the most popular destinations, with a joint share of 49.6 per cent of total tourist trips.

Total nights spent by outbound tourists decreased by 19.1 per cent, amounting to 672,937 nights. In absolute terms, the majority of guest nights (52.0 per cent) were spent in rented accommodation establishments.

Total estimated expenditure by outbound tourists between January and March decreased by 27.9 per cent over the same quarter of 2019, and stood at €81.3 million, equivalent to an average €704 per person.

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