Over 1,000 secondary school students join MIA awareness sessions on accountancy careers

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 April, 2022 at 11:04 am by Andre Camilleri

More than 1,000 secondary school students have joined awareness sessions hosted by the Malta Institute of Accountants allowing them to discover the opportunities offered by the accountancy profession.

These sessions targeted primarily Year 8 and Year 11 students, fundamental educational milestones in which students make important choices for the forthcoming scholastic year. Participation at these sessions, which were in their majority voluntary and virtual, attracted students from more than 40 public, church, and independent schools.

The MIA embarked on this initiative at a fundamental stage for the Maltese economy, as it emerges and regenerates itself from the challenges of the pandemic, while transforming itself through a digital and green transition. In this context, accountancy is expected to play an even wider role, as international regulation puts on professionals in the field the onus of measuring not only firms’ financial performance but also their commitment to climate and social goals.

Firms expect that this profession is expected to continue to create significant new career opportunities every year within diverse economic sectors and in diverse positions, which are not necessarily restricted to financial administration, but also cover top management positions, corporate strategy, consultancy, auditing, and project management among many others.

Several industry leaders joined MIA staff in leading more than 60 physical and virtual #AccountsForYou sessions, sharing practical examples of how accountancy professionals can thrive in Malta or abroad, making the profession one which offers stability and durability. 

MIA President David Delicata said that while students will ultimately always be encouraged to opt for a career which inspires them, the Institute sought to increase awareness about the opportunities that lie ahead. Our objective was to show students the relevance of being financially literate and the doors that accounts as a subject can open, including pursuing an accountancy qualification – but ultimately, the choice, remains in their hands.” He added that “while traditionally accountancy has been defined as the management of a company’s finances, the training and experience achieved by such professionals allows individuals to develop major skills that can be widely used throughout their professional life.

Chief Executive Officer Maria Cauchi Delia highlighted the importance of knowing what opportunities existed out there, not only in view of potential career options but also in terms of life skills that can be gained through specific study paths.  She also remarked on the evolving role of the accountancy profession. “Digital transformation, the pandemic, and other external and internal forces changing the business environment are transforming the role of the traditional accountant, making some functions obsolete whilst accelerating the creation of new ones.  The accountancy profession has consistently survived the test of time over the years and has been able to adapt and even influence evolving societal and entrepreneurial needs.” Cauchi Delia added that the Institute is evaluating the feedback received from the students themselves and their educators, in view of developing this offering further in the years ahead.

These sessions were held with the support of the Department of Accounting within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes (DLAP) within the Ministry of Education. The Institute also expresses its appreciation towards supporting companies as well as its member committees and student groups who provided instrumental contributions in the development of this campaign.

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