Phase two of Ta’ Qali park regeneration project completed

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 March, 2022 at 2:01 pm by Andre Camilleri

Phase two of the Ta’ Qali regeneration project has just reached completion after a total investment of €14 million dedicated to the project. More than €1 million has been dedicated to landscaping projects around the phase two area, the government announced today.

Addressing an activity in the park, Transport Minister Ian Borg and Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke about the importance of environmental projects like this to continue providing open spaces for families to enjoy.

Borg stated that the regeneration of the Ta’ Qali park area will prove double the open space previously available. “We are doubling the space from that of around 30 football fields worth of space to more than 60.”

“The master plan for Ta’ Qali does not only include the regenerated park we are inaugurating today but also the adventure park inaugurated last November, the picnic area which we will be inaugurating soon and also new picnic areas and running facilities,” Borg said.

Abela then emphasised on the “improvement of quality of life the labour party is committing to providing. It is at the centre of our political movement and we will do everything in our power to reach our goals.”

The Ta’ Qali project is only the beginning of environmental projects the government would be enacting, Abela said. “Ta’ Qali was always a destination for people to have fun, relax and practice sports and that is why we sought to invest heavily in this area.”

Abela said he wants the area of Ta’ Qali to become a “mecca” of activities since the area can not only by appreciated during the day but it can also be used for cultural activities in the evening.

“The next phase of the Ta’ Qali project is the one that excites me the most. An old concrete factory which was abused for the disposal of construction waste will be changed into an open space for families. We consciously couldn’t leave the space as it was and we had to give it back to the people.”

In his closing statements Abela reiterated the main aim of the PL electoral campaign to provide green spaces walking distance from people’s homes. “We will keep pushing forward to provide green spaces in our urban villages doing all that is necessary.”

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