PKF Malta wears pink to mark Pink October

Last Updated on Tuesday, 8 November, 2022 at 12:11 pm by Andre Camilleri

To mark Pink October, PKF Malta team members organised a number of initiatives to raise awareness about breast cancer. Amongst these initiatives, the company’s employees wore shades of pink throughout the month of October and also marked the month with an internal event during which all staff reminded of the importance of raising awareness on breast cancer and its prevention.

Sadly each year, around 300 women in Malta are diagnosed with this deadly disease. The awareness drive by PKF Malta is to push forward the message that if breast cancer is detected at an early stage, there is a greater chance of successful treatment and recovery.

PKF Malta also emphasised the importance of women undergoing screening at least once every year for breast cancer – with tests available in the private sector as well as within the national health service for those women aged between 50 and 69 years old. In addition to screening, women are encouraged to check themselves regularly for any changes, marks, scars or swelling and seek immediate medical advice should anything out of the ordinary be discovered.

PKF Malta Senior Partner George Mangion stated: “Regularly checking oneself and an annual mammogram could save a woman’s life. This is the message that as PKF Malta we pass on to everyone – mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, other family members and friends.”

Awareness campaigns by PKF Malta will continue throughout the month of November which marks Movember, the awareness month for men’s health.

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