Post-Covid checklist for businesses

Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 August, 2020 at 9:14 am by Andre Camilleri

Four industry leaders have joined forces to develop a checklist for local companies to assess their re-entry in the market following the coronavirus outbreak. The checklist provides a comprehensive perspective on the main business functions, namely: finance, operations, HR, communications and health and safety.

The pandemic has not only disrupted markets but introduced new standards and requirements for companies. The checklist is a convenient tool for leaders to objectively evaluate the progress they registered and identify any areas for further improvement.

“The Post-Covid Checklist is an effective method for companies to test their own fitness in the new market scenario,” explained Misco Director Joanne Bondin. “We have worked with specialists in the main departments of interest to create a practical and unbiased self-audit tool that helps businesses overcome blind-spots in their internal analysis.”

The innovative tool is the result of collaboration of experts from Misco, 3a Malta, Prohealth, and The Ornate Group who have blended their experience and competence to produce the ultimate checklist for the business community in Malta.

The Post-Covid Checklist is available for free download

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