Professor Ioannou to discuss ‘sustainable organisations’ at Malta forum

(source: Malta Sustainability Forum media)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 October, 2019 at 8:55 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, will address the extent to which modern business organisations contribute toward building a sustainable future in his keynote speech of the Malta Sustainability Forum, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

Ioannou will discuss the emergence of the notion of “sustainable organisation”: a new type of business organisation that genuinely and effectively integrates environmental and social issues into its business model, strategy, organisational structure and conduct.

“I will also discuss the links between corporate sustainability and capital markets, as they pertain to investment analyst recommendations and, more broadly, as they relate to the realisation of value in public equity markets through a commitment to sustainability,” Mr Ioannou says.

“Raising awareness about sustainability is critical, especially given the current rate and magnitude of change towards a sustainable future is insufficient,” the Professor continues. “It is important to carry this message across all corners of the world and to all stakeholders, including companies, governments, NGOs and citizens. I believe this Forum will be a vital influencer in this message for Malta, and a unique opportunity for people to come together to share in a common goal,” the professor adds.

Based on rigorous academic evidence regarding the significant long-term outperformance of this type of organisation compared to the traditional corporate form, both in terms of operating as well as stock market performance, he will discuss the fundamental innovations that are needed in order for an organisation to become a sustainable one.

The professor will be speaking at the special edition of APS Talks, taking place at 6.30 pm on 14 November, as part of the wider Malta Sustainability Forum.

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