ROCS upgrades to 5G with Melita Business

From left: Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Service - Melita Business, Colin Aquilina, Chief Executive Officer - ROCS Group, and Robert Runza, Director of Business Development - Melita Business

Last Updated on Monday, 2 August, 2021 at 12:26 pm by Andre Camilleri

ROCS Group, a leading provider of travel, investments, retail, employment, media and real estate services has renewed its communications services agreement with Melita Business. In addition to PABX, telephony, internet and TV services, the new agreement includes an upgrade to Melita’s 5G Business Plans. This will give ROCS access to unlimited superfast 5G mobile data nationwide. Through this array of services, ROCS team is easily reachable by their clients and suppliers, whilst cross-team collaboration is guaranteed through Melita’s reliable network.

Colin Aquilina, Chief Executive Officer at the ROCS Group, said, “As a diverse group of companies operating across multiple locations across Malta, Gozo, and abroad, secure and fast communications and data services are vital for us.  Melita’s unrivalled network, including 5G, coupled with the product innovation and customer support which Melita Business provides, made renewing our agreement an easy decision.”

Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Service at Melita Business, said: “The nature of how businesses interact is changing rapidly, with a marked increase in reliance on fast internet access. As the only operator in Malta with nationwide 5G mobile and 1,000 Megabit internet networks, Melita Business is becoming the provider of choice for leading commercial organisations like ROCS who seek to future-proof their business.”

Robert Runza, Director of Business Development at Melita Business, added that, “Building on the already established relationship with ROCS, Melita Business was able to support their business growth plan. Through Melita’s Business 5G plans, ROCS personnel are equipped with reliable connectivity wherever they are across the globe allowing them to make the best use of their unlimited plan benefits and unparalleled superfast mobile data.”

Melita Business offers a range of unlimited 5G mobile plans tailored to meet the needs of different types of organisations. More information on these plans and other solutions for businesses is available at

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