Shireburn Software appoints Yasmin de Giorgio as CEO

Yasmin de Giorgio, newly appointed CEO of Shireburn Software

Last Updated on Monday, 19 July, 2021 at 1:14 pm by Andre Camilleri

Shireburn Software have announced the appointment of Yasmin de Giorgio as its new CEO effective 1 August 2021. Shireburn’s founder, John de Giorgio, will move into a non-executive leadership role as Chairman of the board. Franco Galea will maintain his executive role while continuing to serve as a director on the Shireburn Board and will contribute to product design and the mentorship of the future leadership team. This combination of the continuity of experience along with the energy which comes with the appointment of a new CEO, sees the start of a new chapter for Shireburn Software.

“Shireburn has been successful for nearly 38 years only because we have learnt how to reinvent ourselves and our solutions to remain of value. This is another moment where we are starting a new cycle and I am proud to be handing over a solid legacy to the new CEO and the management team, many of whom have been with Shireburn through two or three of our significant times of change,” commented Shireburn founder, John de Giorgio.

Yasmin de Giorgio has earned her recognition as a serial entrepreneur after founding three successful businesses within five years. The new CEO has spent the last ten years building start-up businesses in innovative fields and is passionate about personal development and mentorship.

“Although taking on the role of CEO comes with many duties, the one I will carry forward most consciously is the sense of integrity towards our clients that both my father and Franco have championed over the years.

Shireburn was built on this principle and until this day many of the strategic decisions we take are informed by these relationships of trust with our clients. It is a value I am extremely proud to inherit from both of them, and one I will carry forward sincerely,” said Yasmin de Giorgio, the new Shireburn Software CEO.

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