Shireburn welcomes new CEO

Left to right: Franco Galea, Operations Director, Nathan Farrugia, CEO, John de Giorgio, Chairman of Shireburn Software Ltd. (source: Shireburn Media)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 11:00 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Nathan Farrugia was named as the new CEO of Shireburn Software. John de Giorgio, the founder of Shireburn, will take on the role of chairman and will continue to hold a strategic and advisory position within the group, while Franco Galea will continue to execute his current role as Operations Director, according to a press statement issued by the company.

Mr Farrugia has been working with the senior management team for the last 18 months as a business coach. Taking on his new role, Mr Farrugia will continue to chair the Vistage Malta CEO groups and support some of the key clients on their ongoing programmes, while supporting the team with their own development.

In a move hoping to further strengthen the management, the company announced further appointments: Christian Agius as Head of Technology, Charles Mifsud as Head of Products, Kenneth Agius as Head of Financial and Adam Buttigieg as Head of Customer Services.

Earlier this year, Shireburn made an investment in UP Limited, a business coaching and executive development company led by Nathan Farrugia. Mr Farruhia’s previous role as CEO at UP is taken over by Julian Azzopardi, former head of JAYE Malta, a non-profit education institution specialising in providing entrepreneurship education programmes to young people. The UP team also saw the appointment of Desiree Perez Ross as Head Coach, earlier this year.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the Shireburn team over the past 18 months and am impressed with their competence and commitment, so leading the team is going to be an absolute pleasure. Our aim is to take the organisation through its next evolution, capitalising on the significant recent investments in people and technology to create even stronger products and services for our local and international clients,” said Mr Farrugia.

“Our goal is to keep Shireburn at the forefront of its market and continue to enhance our clients’ businesses through our products. We will continue to invest in our people and their skills to ensure the company remains a leader in the technology space and continues to attract talent, and I expect it to be a very interesting journey,” the new CEO added.

“Shireburn has a 35-year history of delivering software products to local and international companies and thousands of companies rely on Shireburn solutions to manage their respective businesses,” said John de Giorgio. “It is our responsibility to ensure the continuity of Shireburn’s support to our clients’ businesses for the next decades. We see the Shireburn team led by Nathan will provide such continuity,” he added.

“Shireburn has expanded rapidly over the last two years to a team of more than 60, including the establishment of frameworks for more remote workers to join our team. We have worked closely with Nathan Farrugia and his team at UP for the past year to assist and guide our management and team leaders to boost and empower our growing workforce,” Mr de Giorgo said.

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