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Malta-Japan Parl’t Friendship Group talks need for double taxation treaty

Members of the Malta-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Group discuss the need for a double taxation treaty between the two countries, among other matters. Meeting also focusses on enhanced trade possibilities due to EPA trade agreement.

EU drone regulation to bring peace of mind to Malta’s airspace

Francesca Ferrando, Advisor for Shipping and Aviation at KPMG in Malta tells Business Malta how the recently-adopted two EU regulations on drone usage could bring peace of mind to the local airspace.

Minister Dalli vows support for gender equality

Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli showed her support for gender equality during the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, as a priority for the Financial period 2021-2027.

Malta launches EU-funded Women4IT project

European-funded Women4IT project has recently been launched in Malta with the goal of increasing the numbers of young women in the digital agenda and to address the structural transformation of the labour market fuelled by the growing digital society is significantly underrepresented by women for the time being.

Malta Enterprise hosts kick-off meeting of study for supporting local exporters

A technical delegation from the European Commission and Euler Hermes visits Malta to explore ways and means of offering innovative commercial solutions for assisting Maltese exporters with expanding their international business.

Maltese business landscape keeps close eye on Brexit

Malta’s business landscape keeps a close eye on today’s vote in the British Parliament, as ambiguity around Brexit maintains international uncertainty in...

Maltese gov’t plans to maintain ‘free movement’ for UK nationals

UK citizens in Malta can keep the right to live in the country, and the residence document they hold as EU nationals remains valid until a new document is issued.

Maltese foreign minister urges strengthened EU-LAS dialogue

Maltese foreign minister Abela voices urgency of strengthening the Euro-Arab dialogue during his visit to 5th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the EU and LAS.

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