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Malta ready to lead in AI amid challenges

Wayne Grixti, CTO of MDIA and head of Malta.AI Taskforce, talks to Business Malta about AI progress in the archipelago, while staying conscious about challenges on the vertical.

Malta envisages setting up national space strategy

Malta unveils its vision for developing a National Space Strategy. A Space Taskforce will also be set up soon.

BOV’s 2018 pre-tax profit reaches €71.2m, pays out no dividend

Bank of Valletta (BOV) Group announced to have had a profit before tax of €71.2m in 2018. The bank says it is...

Maltese businesses underperform EU average in innovation in 2016

The share of innovative enterprises in Malta was 34% in 2016, according to the latest figures published by the European Statistical Office...

Malta Enterprise finalises Innova Foster’s Local Action Plan

Partnering up with Innova Foster, Malta Enterprise concluds a Local Action Plan and gets close the first phase of an innovation project aimed at startups.

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