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MLA pax numbers rise further in September 2019

Passengers travelling through the Malta International Airport (MLA) grew by 7.8% to a total of 762,361 by the end of September, as compared to the same month a year earlier. The busiest day of September saw 28,862 passengers travelling through the hub.

MLA pax numbers climb 8.4% in August

With passenger numbers reaching a total of 823,653 travelling through the Malta International Airport (MLA), the hub sees a year-on-year traffic increase of 8.4% in August.

Malta airport’s traffic grows by 10.5% in April

Malta International Airport’s (MIA) traffic posts a growth of 10.5% in April, as compared to the same month a year earlier, being the fastest growing month this year.

Malta airport pax numbers up 4.1% in January

Malta International Airport experiences passenger volume growing by year-on-year 4.1% in January, reaching a total of 366,015 people the airport announced.

Malta Airport expects record 7m+ pax in 2019

Malta Airport’s passenger traffic was up by year-on-year 13.2% to 6,808,177 in 2018, breaking a record, according to a press statement issued by the airport. Forecasting an estimated 5.8% growth for 2019, Malta Airport expects to see 7.2+ million passengers by the end of the year.

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