The Epic career journey of Caroline Farrugia

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A prime example of how Epic employees can reach their full potential

Caroline Farrugia, the woman who was instrumental in some of Epic’s most critical projects, such as Epic joining Europe’s fastest growing telecommunications group and the agreement with Phoenix Tower International (PTI), will be taking the next leap into her career. Caroline has been working with Epic for almost two decades, where in the last seven years she has been serving the company in the role of chief Financial officer. Her journey serves as a prime example of how people who work with Epic can grow and reach their full potential.

Last March, Epic announced that it has entered into an agreement with Phoenix Tower International (PTI) for the sale of the entire share capital of M.T. Mediterranean Towers Limited, its fully owned mobile telecom infrastructure management company in Malta. An agreement in which Caroline’s contributions were absolutely instrumental. The passive mobile infrastructure essentially encompasses metallic and concrete elements such as towers and masts. This sale led for Epic and PTI to enter into a long-term service agreement for the provision of hosting services over the infrastructure as well as the construction of new sites through a build-to-suit programme, securing long-term access by Epic to such infrastructure. The agreement with PTI is a first of its kind in Malta. It allows Epic, as the telecommunications operator, to really focus on what matters to the customer; that is building a stronger network. This while trusting an international partner to take care of the non-technical infrastructure. This stands as proof to how Epic is forward-looking and aims at investing into what will make its network better and stronger not just for now, but also in the long-term. Caroline’s move to PTI means that she will continue with the great work she’s already done with Epic, by leading this project for both Malta and Cyprus.

“I first started working with Epic back in 2004. I’ve served in several roles in the finance department, worked my way out of my comfort zone by taking a cross-functional experience within the marketing function for three years and also led the management in customer care for some months. I also had the opportunity to spend six months working with Vodafone Italy,” explained Caroline. “Back then, I had no idea about the journey I was about to make with this company. As a mother, it is important for me to set an example to my child and show him that when you work hard you can grow in your career. It is also a really huge honour for me to have been one of the first female Executive Committee members for the company.”

In her new role with PTI, Caroline will be taking all the expertise gained throughout the years and implementing it into the role of general manager for Malta and Cyprus. Her responsibilities will be varied and will include overseeing the operations and the sales functions of two countries, maintaining the relationship with key suppliers, growing the business beyond the management of the steel infrastructure, achieving key targets and most importantly maintaining a long-term strategic partnership with the operators in the two markets. This means that following a strong career with Epic, Caroline will now be managing the agreement Epic made with the international tower operator for both Cyprus and Malta, directly with PTI. Who better to lead such a partnership than someone who actually contributed greatly to creating it?

Just like Caroline, those who work with Epic can grow and reach their full potential. Despite being quite a large company with over 300 employees, Epic strives to ensure that those who work the hardest and show the most potential, have room to grow and develop their career. In fact, Epic’s team members are given the opportunity to broaden their horizons and widen their scope within their department. This in order to ensure that Epic’s team members’ growth is not limited solely within what they are specialising in.

“Over at Epic we give our employees the opportunity to work on industry changing projects. Our aim is always to make the country’s network better and we are super thrilled to see our own employees working passionately for the same purpose. The fact that we also offer a space that is diverse, inclusive and welcomes people from all backgrounds also helps our employees feel like they are not just another number, but they do matter. And they really do, because without them Epic would not be so epic,” explained Pearl Raffa, Epic’s chief People officer.

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