The MMF congratulates the authorities for steering successful re-election for Malta on IMO Council

Last Updated on Sunday, 3 December, 2023 at 8:33 pm by Andre Camilleri

A prestigious second place in the elections underlines appreciation and confidence for Malta’s global role in Shipping at the highest international levels.

The Malta Maritime Forum is appreciative of the untiring efforts spent by Malta’s representatives at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), which efforts translated into an unprecedented achievement reflected in the most successful election outcome in the history of Malta’s participation in IMO.

As a result of these efforts, Malta not only secured its place in Category C of the IMO Council but it did so placing in the second highest place after Singapore – in an election held during the 33rd session of the IMO General Assembly in London.

The MMF acknowledges this as a most prestigious achievement reflecting high recognition amongst the 176 participating member IMO nations for Malta and its role as a world-leading jurisdiction in terms of ship registration and a worthy maritime centre of excellence in the Mediterranean region.

The MMF congratulates Malta’s political leaders for consistently showing a united front on issues that concern the maritime sector.  The Forum pledges its full support towards overcoming short-term challenges and providing its meaningful contribution to a long-term vision for the industry by way of the articulation and eventual implementation of a National Maritime Strategy for Malta as recommended by the MMF itself.  The Strategy will be aimed at establishing strategic objectives aiming for the Industry to be governed in an efficient, consistent, sustainable, safe and environmentally sound manner to ensure a leading global position for our jurisdiction on a consistent basis for the years to come.

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