Third edition of T-21: The Transport Malta Quarterly published

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The third edition of T-21: The Transport Malta Quarterly has been published. T-21 is a publication launched this year by Transport Malta to inform the public about the Authority’s latest initiatives, projects, and policies, as well as to provide useful information to the general public on a number of services offered by Transport Malta.

Since the third edition of T-21 is being published in the midst of summer, it rightfully focuses strongly on the Maritime Industry. The content regarding the Ports Commercial Unit focuses on the sector of small ships, and a few other articles focus on the Maritime Enforcement Unit and its ongoing work and safety training. The Maritime Enforcement Unit launched three new RHIBs last month, which make it easier to carry out its duties more efficiently, and all of this can be further explored in this publication. The app which helps these Enforcement Officers streamline their work is also featured. The ongoing Grand Harbour Clean-Up project continues to be present in the T-21 publication, along with the scuttling of the P-33.

With the Fast Ferry launch happening not too long ago, it was of utmost importance to feature it in this publication. The service itself as well as other services of connectivity are featured and explained in detail, for the benefit of the general public. The emissions from ships which are used for the transport of goods and how they are being tackled is also another topic which is featured, as well as the overall Maritime Industry and its benefit to Malta.

The Land Transport Directorate is also featured in this edition of T-21, with an article explaining everything there is to know about vintage vehicles, whether it is registration, eligibility criteria, and which vehicles may or may not be classified as vintage. Lovers of vintage vehicles will definitely find all the information they require regarding these vehicles. Other articles related to Land Transport are the one which features the Embrace Life project, a project which offers free First Aid courses to new licence holders; and another which speaks about the European Mobility Week 2021 and the grants for cleaner and better transport. Licence arrears and regularisation schemes as well as the new shift to electromobility are also featured, amongst other topics.

Transport Malta’s Marketing Unit is featured in this publication. Oftentimes interacting behind the scenes, it is vital for the Authority, as it bridges the gap between the public and the Authority, making the latter accessible to a wider audience.

The Civil Aviation Directorate and Malta Air’s B737-8200 conclude this edition with a focus on the Malta Air aircraft fleet and its expected growth in the future. The Maltese aircraft industry is headed for success, and this new addition and the logistics behind it are explored in this edition of T-21.

The third edition, like other previous editions, also includes contributions from the Hon. Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects – Dr. Ian Borg, from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta – Mr. Joseph Bugeja and from the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority – Mr. Kevin Farrugia.

The editor of the publication is Peter Paul Barbara, who is a Director within the Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta. The publication is produced with the collaboration and assistance of the Authority’s Marketing Department.

The publication is available on the Transport Malta website.

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