Organisational change continues at APS Bank

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 August, 2021 at 6:58 pm by Andre Camilleri

The recently announced senior management appointments at APS Bank correspond well with its core values of being contemporary and driven by excellence. Indeed, some of the changes reflect the dynamic approach which the Management adopts in the design and running of the organisation.

Describing the changes, CEO Marcel Cassar explained that they reflect the forward-looking attitude of a modern banking group that is constantly updating itself. “Take the new position of Head of Culture, for example. Previously we had a Head of Marketing who covered the usual areas of marketing, PR, CSR, brand strategy and communications. All of that speaks about the way we present ourselves externally to our customers, to the world; but we also invest considerably in how we present ourselves internally, the way we do things – our organisational culture. So why not bring together the two and speak of one ‘Culture’ that embraces the vision and mission right across?”

Other changes taking place refer to the reporting line of the Head of Support (now into the CFO) and the widened remit of the Head of Operations (reporting into the COO) to encompass the digitisation project. Also, the Head of Transformation and her team, until now reporting into the Chief Strategy Officer, will start reporting directly into the CEO. “These changes are subtle but significant, as they confirm that the Bank’s change agenda is particularly built around improving agility and efficiency”, Cassar concluded.    

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