Transport Malta CEO calls for cautious driving, says school transport should be given priority

Transport Malta CEO Jonathan Borg

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 September, 2023 at 1:17 pm by Andre Camilleri

Transport Malta CEO Jonathan Borg called upon drivers to exercise caution on the road, especially during the morning peak traffic hours. 

In a video posted on the first day of school, Borg said that Transport Malta is reaching out to all drivers for their cooperation especially during the early morning hours, to exercise caution and attentiveness on the road.

It’s important to prioritize school transport, whenever feasible, he said. The CEO appealed to all drivers to consider using our roads during off-peak hours to promote safety and show respect to all road users.

Transport Malta acknowledges that intensive traffic flows present challenges but it is consistently striving to alleviate road congestion as much as possible. Our dedication to finding solutions remains unwavering, and in the forthcoming weeks, we will be seeking your input to find solutions together and expedite progress, he said.

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