Transport Malta’s annual campaign to promote safety at sea launched

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 June, 2023 at 12:07 pm by Andre Camilleri

Transport Malta’s annual campaign promoting safety and responsibility at sea has been launched. This year, the theme of the campaign will be “Ingawdu l-baħar b’responsabbiltà”. The campaign was launched by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital ProjectsA aron Farrugia and Transport Malta CEO Mr. Jonathan Borg.

With the onset of the summer season in Malta, maritime activities witness a surge, making it paramount for individuals to responsibly enjoy the sea without jeopardising their own safety or that of others. The focus of this year’s campaign will be promoting accident prevention, sustainability, and accountability from both boaters and swimmers, thus guaranteeing a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia launches the Safety at Sea Campaign

Minister Farrugia emphasised the importance of Transport Malta’s educational role. He explained that as the country’s transport regulator, its announcements carry weight for anyone who makes use of any form of transport. Furthermore, he emphasised that individuals engaging in swimming activities within our coastal waters shoulder the same level of responsibility as those operating water vehicles. “Our nation boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, drawing numerous visitors, including tourists. It is imperative for everyone to exercise vigilance and assume accountability. The majority of accidents can be prevented, and that is the primary objective of these campaigns: to foster awareness”, explained Minister Farrugia.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia launches the Safety at Sea Campaign

Borg reiterated that Transport Malta will continue to conduct daily inspections throughout the summer months. “Transport Malta, like every other summer, will increase its efforts on our waters during the summer months. This is as our country sees increased visitors to our beaches and an increased number of boats”, Borg concluded.

This campaign commenced in June and will continue throughout the summer season until September. During this period, various initiatives, events, and educational programmes will be organised to engage the target audience and promote safety at sea. We urge all boaters, divers, and swimmers to participate actively in the campaign by familiarising themselves with safety guidelines, adopting sustainable practices, and respecting the marine ecosystem. By working together, we can ensure the safety of everyone enjoying Malta’s beautiful sea.

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