Two new electric buses launched by Malta Public Transport

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 April, 2022 at 9:21 am by Andre Camilleri

Two fully electric, zero-emissions buses are being added as part of the scheduled public transport fleet in Malta.

This was announced yesterday by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia together with Malta Public Transport Chairman Felipe Cosmen.

An investment of €1 million was allotted to these fully electric buses which will be operating on public transport routes in Malta.

Malta Public Transport launched Malta’s first fully electric bus in conjunction with Transport Malta and TAM-Europe in 2020. The Vero 9 model went on a trial period to test the performance of the 100% electric engine on Maltese roads.

There are currently six electric buses being used for the park and ride service in Gozo. The two new buses will be used in Malta.

Addressing his first press conference as Transport Minister, Farrugia said that “transport plays a vital role in our society and our economy, and our quality of life depends on an efficient and accessible transport system.

It also leaves a significant impact on our environment, and with an increasing demand for greener transport services, we need to ensure that our national transport system is well equipped to address these challenges.”

Farrugia explained that Malta’s current bus fleet is mostly made up of the latest environmentally friendly buses, but it is now time to shift to the next level to electrically powered buses.

He said that more electric buses will be added in the coming months.

“Today’s investment is only the start of the decarbonisation plan and will be further complemented by the free public transport scheme which will be introduced on 1 October of this year, where public transport will be free for all Tallinja cardholders.

Taken together, these measures will ensure a better and cleaner future for us all,” Minister Farrugia said.

For his part, Felipe Cosmen noted that Malta Public Transport is proud to be part of the solution to reduce emissions on our islands through continued investment in clean public transport solutions.

Cosmen explained how the company constantly carries out market research to evaluate solutions that offer convenient and reliable alternatives to private transportation.

The group’s international experience allows it to share its extensive knowledge of the transport industry and adapt it to Malta’s needs.

Since the start of its operations in 2015, Malta Public Transport has overhauled the existing fleet with more than 300 brand new buses fitted with the latest Euro 6 engines, making it among the youngest and cleanest public transport fleets in Europe.

“Public transport is an important player when fighting climate change. We are not only committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner, but also believe in leading by example, and this investment clearly demonstrates the fact that sustainability will always be high on our agenda,” Cosmen said.

He added that “we are committed to fight against climate change, but this can only be possible with the cooperation from the public.”

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