Watch: About €500,000 in European funds dedicated to NGOs in the south of Malta

Last Updated on Friday, 2 October, 2020 at 11:09 am by Andre Camilleri

While visiting the Saint Joseph Band Club in Ħal Kirkop, Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that half a million in European funds were allocated to incentivise more voluntary organisations to apply for projects which will continue to strengthen Malta’s cultural identity.

The Saint Joseph Band Club was one of the beneficiaries, along with about 25 voluntary organisations which benefited from the second measure of the LEADER programme in the south of Malta. These organisations are active in various sectors amongst cultural, religious, musical and heritage.

Parliamentary Secretary Zrinzo Azzopardi stated that the Saint Joseph Band Club is clear proof of how we can strengthen our cultural identity and develop our prestigious local heritage. The works conducted were infrastructural, including renovations on the building’s façade in order to provide a safer and more attractive environment for locals.

Mr Simon Attard, the President of the Saint Joseph Band Club said that apart from aesthetics, this project has provided a more comfortable environment for all its visitors. He stated that the administration of the society together with those receiving musical lessons will benefit, meaning members and people of all ages will get to enjoy the outcomes of this project.

The Gal Xlokk Foundation administers the LEADER programme for the south of Malta which provides further opportunities for local councils and organisations to apply for financial aid for projects which will preserve and promote Maltese culture whilst investing in green infrastructure.

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