‘We listened, we acted’, db Group spokesperson says on reduced tower height

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 December, 2020 at 9:07 am by Andre Camilleri

The db Group has told The Malta Independent that the Group has listened to the public outcry about the proposal and has acted.

The db Group has changed its ITS proposal, which now comprises of two 17-storey towers and a hotel, instead of one 31-storey tower and a hotel. The latest plans also reduce the height of the proposed hotel from 17 floors to 12.

“Last summer we gave all the information necessary for anyone to form an opinion based on facts and not falsehoods, using rational arguments, not unfounded prejudices,” the db Group said.ADVERTISEMENTPLAYFULLSCREEN0:00-0:00LOADED: 0%PROGRESS: 0%00:00MUTE

“Apart from being factual, our information campaign was rooted in a key principle – ‘we listened, we acted’. We meant every word and continued to do so. Throughout this long drawn out process, we kept all the communication challenges open to everyone, because we wanted to onboard all factually, well-meaning and rationally based suggestions.”

“Over the last few months the height of the residential tower remained a contentious issue. Again, true to our principle, we listened and we acted. We sought the best solution and we found it. We halved the residential tower and are building two, we downscaled the hotel even further and we increased considerably the size and number of public spaces.”

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