Atlas Healthcare licenced to sell Life Insurance policies as agent for IVALIFE Insurance Limited

Catherine Calleja, Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare and Rueben Zammit, Chief Executive Officer of IVALIFE Insurance Limited

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 March, 2021 at 10:48 am by Andre Camilleri

Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited has recently been licenced by the MFSA to act as agent for IVALIFE Insurance Limited, which is a new life insurance company equally owned by Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd, APS Bank plc, Gasan Mamo Insurance Limited and MaltaPost plc.

Atlas Healthcare is well placed to offer life insurance services. In fact, as the leading group health insurance providers in Malta, the Atlas team has close relationships with its clients and enjoys an excellent reputation with the business and corporate sector. Atlas Healthcare excels in the area of employee benefits, and apart from health insurance, has pioneered the launch of standalone dental insurance locally and, more recently, ICAS International Employee Assistance Programmes.

Catherine Calleja, Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare said: “Adding the provision of life insurance for our clients was an important step to take for our Group. Obtaining the agency license will allow us to be able to offer a full service both to the Group Health and Individual markets, strengthening the Atlas Group’s position as a one-stop-shop for all insurance needs. We look forward to working closely with the IVALIFE team to offer our clients this excellent product range.”

IVALIFE and Atlas Healthcare have been providing extensive training to the Atlas Healthcare team on group life business and individual life protection products that can be used for mortgage protection, family protection and also as key person insurance.  

“Our aim is to build long-term, successful relationships with our distributors and to enable them to deliver value to their clients. This strong partnership, built on expertise and reputation, will provide a tech-enabled customer experience, more flexibility with products and the ongoing drive to remain innovative in addressing customer needs.” said Reuben Zammit, CEO of IVALIFE.

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